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The District 4 Service Committees serve a vital role in our community. They serve as a liaison with Professionals in our community. They serve as a contact source for Hospitals, Schools, Institutions and Treatment Centers. These committees are the people who put the pamphlets in offices, as well they manage the 12 step phone calls. AA’s attraction rather than promotion is largely influenced by the impression our committee people leave when they are interacting with individuals and at community events. We can not have a large presence in our community if we do not have volunteers to help the service committees. Please talk to your sponsor or service sponsor and see if you should be on a committee. Healthy active committees are one way of insuring that the hand of AA will always be there and for that we are all responsible.

The District 4 Service Bodies are guided by the following Documents:                The 12 Traditions         The 12 Concepts         District 4 Guidelines including Website Policy  Long Form                       Long Form 

As the new Service Term begins and Service Committees are rotating there is a need for volunteers on many of the following committees.

Read this months Committee Reports and Contact us by selecting the link:

Chairperson for Public Information and Co-operation With Professional Community:  contact: pichair@grandeprairieaa.com

April 11 -Public Information / Cooperation with the Professional Community Report April 2018

We had a PI / CPC meeting on Monday April 9th.  A couple of people couldn’t make it but we did have 8 attendees.  Thank you to E. the outgoing PI Chairperson, L. M., E. S, M. G., R.E., A. M. and M.K. for your service.  We discussed the  distribution of the pamphlets to important venues in our community.  We had very good participation in getting these pamphlets out to these places.  Thanks to the volunteers for stepping up.

We also set a date for a Workshop which will be presented by R. E.  His topic will be on the role and what the PI and CPC does.  It will be held May 26th with the venue to be determined soon.

We also had the discussion about the upcoming Luncheon that the PI CPC committee puts on for the Professional Community in October.  It is a ways away but good to get started on it now.

I brought along some literature from the AA.org website on the AA internet guidelines and the PI Information guidelines.  There was some very good discussion on these topics.  We would normally meet every two months but due to the fast approaching May workshop we are going to have another meeting in a month from now.  I will book a more definite date with the ok from the United Church.

Thank you for all who attended.

Yours in service   G. F.   contact: Chair at pichair@grandeprairieaa.com

Chairperson for Treatment Facilities:  treatmentchair@grandeprairieaa.com

April 11 – Good Sharing and Chairing

We currently have 20 women sharing 3 times, 6 men sharing 3 times, 18 men chairing once and sharing

Looking for 4-6 more men to share and 2-4 men to Chair and share

Looking at a committee meeting for early May to look at the meeting agenda and to gather ideas and info on Accessibility in our District.

I am sending a reminder text out on Wednesday and it is working quite well.

Chairperson for The Grapevine:   grapevinechair@grandeprairieaa.com  

Chairperson for Phones:  phonechair@grandeprairieaa.com

R. said he has contacted D. and will leave her voice on the answering machine. He will update the Phone number rotation as he gets a copy of the volunteer list ( R. had an extra copy and gave it to him). He will update shortly

Chairperson for Archives:  archiveschair@grandeprairieaa.com

This committee is still digging up the past

Chairperson for Remote Communities:  remotechair@grandeprairieaa.com

Has a contact at H. L. and is looking forward to more dialogue. He will also investigate needs at the C.

Chairperson Literature:  literaturechair@grandeprairieaa.com

Website: contact: webmaster@grandeprairieaa.com

Members are increasingly utilizing the website and it appears to be starting to serve a wider range of members and their interest, most often mentioned uses are birthdays, events and meeting lists, it seems that members are not perceiving the District News and Services as a tab they should visit, maybe we need a name change? Same goes for District 4 Activities.

I received one complaint from a member about their first name being in the Birthday announcement, so I removed them all and will ask for a consensus. I also received 3 Kudos from members that thought it was cool to see their names and years up on the site, they said it made them kind of proud to see it. I was disappointed that someone would complain.

Yours in service E. S. Webmaster

Round-up Committee:  gproundup@grandeprairieaa.com

The round-up is coming together nicely and the poster is out, a link to the poster can be found on the events page. Secretary Round-up Committee

Dry Events Committee:  dryevents@grandeprairieaa.com